WordPress site: Lessons learnt

I had a somewhat limited experience about WordPress sites until I decided to host one on EC2. I kinda like to learn new and I was ready to learn all by the hard way. Luckily internet is full of WordPress related examples, tip, hints and nice to know items. Those are scattered around the net. Someone might find that frustrating but I think that is part of the fun. And, as a whole, it has been a great journey with ups and downs. In this blog I share  a few interesting notes from my journey.

Write permissions

As everyone is aware of, just installing WordPress is not enough. WordPress have to grant a permission to work with the files. So

  • give write permission to wp-content and wp-includes folders
  • ownership of the WordPress files should be (for example) apache


Changing default settings for permalinks will make the site  more or less unreachable.  I find that the reason is not WordPress itself but the webserver. Webserver should allow the change in the address. For example in Apache the file to be tuned is the conf-file.

  • make sure that there is AllowOverride All


Default values in /etc/php.ini are not suitable for serious WordPressing. I keep wondering why. I am confident that there is an excellent reason. Maybe I find it someday. Meanwhile I propose some tuning to the php.ini.

  • increase max upload size to 100M
  • increase memory_limit for example 256M

Beyond these notes I strongly advice to look for the best configuration for each WordPress site that you might be hosting. Clearly these notes don’t include the full list of recommended changes but hopefully this is a good start. 🙂



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